Saturday, August 05, 2006

Drips and more

I went to see the Jackson Pollack exhibit of works on paper at the Guggenheim yesterday. The reproduction above of "Untitled (Green-Silver) ca. 1949" was a favorite, and I definitely enjoyed going back to look at it after looking at some of the one and two color works--it was like the most extravagant burst of color after these more concentrated works. I especially liked the teal-green hue, which is a little muted on-screen.

My favorite was a black and red on an ivory background (Untitled, ca. 1948-49) which definitely had three figures on it, in back, all created out of lines. Funny how three figures immediately suggest a love triangle! Two closer, one farther away... The black lines that made them up plus the layers of red on top were like the traces of gesture, made by gesture. I especially loved that some of the red lines, up close, were a line of tiny ink spirals, like a telephone cord, from far away appearing like a thicker line.

A great antidote to a week in beige cubicle land and a wonderful thing to be in the presence of such passion to fill the page, to create, to detail. Inspiring.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I had been free to go with you. Beige cubicle. At the Gruesome Twosome? Life will get more colorful sooooon....but you know what Lent is like. Hey, how about we do a little link up...web page wise that is? For now...frin guess who?

August 08, 2006 12:15 AM  

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